How do you motivate yourself

Motivation is the thing which increases the intitation and persistence of activities. We all need motivation as fuel to run our life smoothly. So, the question is how do you motivate yourself? First thing,you may find the worst enemy or best friend of yourself. So, you have to decide if you want to be your best friend or enemy. When, you find your best friend in yourself you always think about keep moving not to stay at one place which is the first step of motivation.

We have to cross the limitations to identify them. Anyone who lives the life know that how hard it is to live this life. The second step of motivation is controll your thoughts. Every time when you think anoab your failures you replace your positive thoughts in to nagative which force you to doubt on yourself. So, don’t think about past and failures. Think that whatever was about to happen was done everything will fine. Opportunities come to you everyday. You just have to identify and grab it. Just accept that,the key with yourself is no one will outwork for you. No one. All stars with two hands, putting in the work. There is no elevator to the top, you got to take the stairs. The elevator don’t go to the top,not in the world of success. You gotta take the stairs. You got to get comfortable life being uncomfortable. You got an opportunity, so here’s the deal. When you have an opportunity why would you give 80%,70% and 50%. Why wouldn’t you always give 120%? From today on, you play whatever your best game is,you play that level every single time. Everytime you practice,you don’t care what the circumstances is,what the situation is, every single time,you giving 120%. It doesn’t means you’re gonna a score every time but you can always give 120%.

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